Our Approach

FR ensures that it has a clear understanding of the client's market research goals and objectives from the beginning. This enhances our ability to work in a partnership fashion to deliver actionable, relevant results with a flexibility and responsiveness not often found in other field research firms.
Fieldwork Management Team

Our company has a strong belief in the power of building positive, trusting relationships between our clients, our fieldwork team.

    Fast Turn around Time
    Undertakes assignments of any volume
    On Time service Delivery
    Accurate Results
    Quality assurance
    The time frame to complete the study
    We have our own distributed field interviewer team

FR is committed to delivering innovative data collection methodologies to our clients. That is why we have added a field based surveying capability which will greatly extend the reach and scope of customer satisfaction by providing cost effective alternatives to traditional survey research
Training and Quality Assurance

Our training program includes:

Basic marketing research questionnaire administration skills
Communication skills/Listening and speaking
Market Research Best Practices and Ethics Standards
Security/Confidentiality standards
Study documents and materials security/Accuracy of recording responses

Quality control/data verification

    Field research's Team

FR has many services, but only one ultimate goal: quality research that supports action to help our clients grow. Therefore, if we do not have the internal capability to assist with a specific need or concern, FRwill utilize its many trusted external resources to deliver the necessary expertise to the client's project.
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Focus Group
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Face to Face Interview
Capi Interviews
Mystery Shopping
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