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    One To One Interviews.

    Focus Group Discussions.

    Depth Interviews.

    Personal Interviews.

    Self Competition Interview.

    Media Test Services.

    Telephonic Interviews.

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    Product Placements.

    Customer Satisfaction Survey.

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    Other Qualitative Methods.

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We "Field Research", are the Small service providers in the field of conducting professional market research services be it quantitative & qualitative.We are supported by a team of highly qualified professionals have wide market experience; they assist the clients for easy access in the market to meet the requirements of their target audiencewe offer Primary Research Data Collection, Phone Based Data Collection, Mail Based Data Collection, Panel Based Data Collection, Face to Face Interviews, Data Entry, Business Research, Survey Programming, Data Processing & Analytics andDocument Scanning.
Primary Research Data Collection

For offering our clients best possible Primary Research Data Collection services, we use latest survey technologies. These enable us in making the highest level of field studies.

Personal interviews or face to face interviewing services offered by us is backed by experienced researchers and help us in generating relevant and authentic opinion research. The detailed questionnaires prepared by us vary as per the topic to be covered in the research area. Classification: These type of interviews can also be classified as:

         Population research
         Corporate research
         Target group research


         Results are objective and can easily be generalized
         Questionnaires are finished in a printed form, which help interviewers to complete them with
         pen according to answers of the respondent

         These type of interview techniques meet the demands of topics in which deeper,
          more detailed analysis is required

Usage Areas:

         Advertising research
         Satisfaction research
         Marketing research
         Media research
         Youth research


     Face-to-face interview
     Self-completing data collection
     Diary data collection

One to One Interviews

Focus Group Discussions

As per the requirement of our valued clients, we can also offer the Face to Face Interviews in Maharashtra and Goa. Our extensive setup helps us in conducting these interviews. As per the need we can take these interviews in Pen & Paper module, CAPI format and also through PAPI format. Moreover, we can also conduct CLTs.

The one to one interviews based research facilities offered by us are applied to gain insight of the respondents. Our unique & individual approach also helps us to understand the thinking patterns of the target group. Interview Style:

    Normally in-depth interview conversation is in audio (however we also have facilities of recording video
    as per the special requests of the clients)
    These interviews take 45-90 minutes depending on topic of research & circumstances of the interviewee.
    Interview is conducted in respondent’s usual environment, which is relevant to the topic


    Interviewee is selected by appropriate filtering process including taking help from highly educated moderator (psychologist/sociologist)


    Thorough preparation from interviewer side
    Meets the exact targeted research needs
    Researches cover professional issues of the examined topic as desired by the clients

Depth Interviews

    An interactive group discussion lead by a moderator.
    Unstructured (or loosely structured) discussion where the moderator encourages the free flow of ideas.
    Usually 8 to 12 members in the group who fit the profile of the target group or consumer but may consist of
    two interviewees (a dyad) or three interviewees (a triad) or a lesser number of participants ( a mini-group)
    Usually last for 1 to 2 hours.
    Usually recorded on video/DVD.
    May be streamed via a closed streaming service for remote viewing of the proceedings.
    The room usually has a large window with one-way glass - participants cannot see out, but the researchers
    can see in Inexpensive and fast.
    Can use computer and internet technology for on-line focus groups.
    Respondents feel a group pressure to conform.
    Group dynamics is useful in developing new streams of thought and covering an issue thoroughly.

Mistry Shopping

    Interview is conducted one-on-one, and lasts between 30 and 60 minutes.
    Best method for in-depth probing of personal opinions, beliefs, and values.
    Very rich depth of information
    Very flexible
    Probing is very useful at uncovering hidden issues
    They are unstructured (or loosely structured)- this differentiates them from survey interviews in which the
    same questions are asked to all respondents.
    Can be time consuming and responses can be difficult to interpret
    requires skilled interviewers - expensive - interviewer bias can easily be introduced there is no social
     pressure on respondents to conform and no group dynamics
     Start with general questions and rapport establishing questions, then proceed to more purposive questions
     laddering is a technique used by depth interviewers in which you start with questions about external objects
     and external social phenomena, then proceed to internal attitudes and feelings
     Hidden issue questioning is a technique used by depth interviewers in which they concentrate on deeply felt
      personal concerns and pet peeves.
     Symbolic analysis is a technique used by depth interviewers in which deeper symbolic meanings are probed
      by asking questions about their opposites.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

he customer satisfaction survey based research solutions offered by us provide end to end solutions for tracking customer satisfaction. The service support of experienced industry professionals also help us to monitor and measure correct and authentic customers perception on how well the company delivers on critical factors. Some of the major constituents of these customer satisfaction surveys include:

        Staff responsiveness
        Understanding of the customer's problem

These surveys are collected by our staff through:

        Industry standard survey templates
        Different platforms like Internet for hosting data  collection
        Customized intuitive interfaces

The shopping research services offered by us finds application in closely examining the operation & characteristics of:

    Customer service offices

Some of the points based on which the research is conducted include:

    Speed of service
    Waiting time
    Quality of service


    The trained interviewers collect information/observe happenings in a shopping or service being offered
    Based on the information gathered they complete a questionnaire

Service Advantage:

    The ‘observed’ persons are not aware of research so the results are not subject to distortions.

Data Entry

The need for mystery shopping

The Indian retail scenario is witnessing a paradigm shift with modern retail formats slowly replacing traditional forms of retailing. This trend is visible not just in urban India but also rural areas. Competition is increasing with various Indian & International players vying for a share of wallet of the Indian shopper.

In this context, a customer's in-store experience is becoming increasingly important for any retail marketer. High quality of services rendered in the outlet act as a differentiator, enhance loyalty, generate positive word-of-mouth and save costs for the retailer!

Mystery shopping is now being used by many organizations to evaluate their in-store service standards and conformity to processes. Trained shoppers anonymously evaluate infrastructure, processes, service delivery, customer service, operations, employee integrity, merchandising & product quality. The shoppers independently audit processes & staff, giving constructive actionable input for improvement of service delivery.

Objectives of any mystery audit program

To check conformance to the guidelines for service delivery laid-out by the retailer leading to the following:

1. Identifying high & low conformance units
2. Specifying service delivery improvement areas
3. Benchmarking against service delivery by competition
4. Creating a baseline for future monitoring
5. To measure the effectiveness of training imparted to employees
6. To recognize good employees based on findings of the audits
7. To measure the extent of brand advocacy by multi-brand outlets
8. To audit prices through a pre-designed negotiation process and determine Market Operating Prices.

We provide exclusive and highly accurate data in electronic format in both handwritten and printed formats. With state of the art technology and infrastructure, we provide quality data outputs that conform to an accuracy level of 99.9%.

   Survey Data Entry

    For PAPI surveys the data punching, coding of open ended responses and data cleaning is handled by using our defined punching and QA processes to ensure precision and timeliness of the data outputs. We can adopt both "single entry" as well as "double entry" of the data to ensure accuracy of data. A random check is made on the data being entered to ensure data accuracy and also to avoid any violation of validations.

    In addition, the data outputs from our CATI and web surveys can be provided in the specified formats and customized according to the data map provided by the client.

    Data Cleaning

    Greenway has an interactive framework and infrastructure for data cleaning services, which helps us maintain close monitoring and detection of data discrepancies. We ensure that all efforts are taken to fix inaccuracy in the data and any unwanted data is removed at source. The data is sanitized and then checked for accuracy before being sent out to the client in the requested format, which can include SPSS, MS excel, MS Access database, ASCII, etc.

    Document Scanning

    Greenway provides document scanning, indexing, archiving and retrieval services for a wide variety of applications. Scanning documents can be a cost effective alternative to the long-term storage of paper. Scanned images once properly indexed can also become an electronic file cabinet accessible via a local area network, intranet or internet. We can receive physical documents and send back electronic images of the documents via FTP or on a CD.

    Forms Processing

    Information in paper form is of little use until it is converted into an electronic format and acted upon. We capture data from all types of handwritten and typed forms accurately, rapidly and cost-effectively. We work with a variety of forms including insurance claims, subscriptions and warranty registrations. Regardless of the source, be it paper, faxes, scanned images or electronic data streams, we can extract, perfect and export critical information to a database, workflow, documents and content management systems.

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